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Spirt in Action

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For an in-depth, half-life biography of Addams's formative years, see CITIZEN, published in 2005:


Media Coverage

On December 7, 2010, Louise W. Knight was interviewed by David Inge of WILL- A.M. and F.M. the public radio station for the University of Illinois. Mr. Inge's thoughtful questions make this interview particularly interesting. It lasts 55 minutes. Click here to listen.

The Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers, Illinois chapter, posted a book review (December 1). Read it here.

Spirit in Action is cited in a new article in Slate Magazine. Read it here.

Listen to an interview with Louise W. Knight on Northern Spirit Radio, October 24, 2010, here.

Read the book review of Jane Addams: Spirit in Action on Salon.com here.

Read the Boston Globe's book review of Jane Addams: Spirit in Action here.

Louise W. Knight's appearance on C-Span Book TV's "Afterwords" (September 25 & 26) is available to view online here.

Spirit in Action gets a nod in an article about "The 50 Most Influential Progressives of the 20th Century," (The Nation, October 4, 2010). View here.

View the sreaming video from the September 13, 2010 Book Launch at Demos (New York City) here.

An interview with Knight about how she came to write the book, in the Chicago Sun-Times, September 19, 2010, is here.

A review from the newsroom of Northwestern Univerisity, September 16, 2010, is here.

A review from SocialWorkersSpeak.org, September 16, 2010, is here.

Listen to Louise W. Knight onThe Diane Rehm Show, September 9, 2010, here.

A review in Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper, on September 7, 2010 is here.

View the September 3, 2010 slideshow, "The Woman Who Changed The World," for which I wrote the captions, on the AARP site here.

My piece in the September 4, 2010 Wall Street Journal, "Five Best First-Person Accounts of the Progressive Era," is here.

A review posted September 2, 2010 on the Chicago Tribune book review blog, Printers' Row, is here

On September 2, Louise W. Knight was a guest on WGN TV Chicago's Mid-Day News Program. Here is the streaming video of the show.

On Augst 27th, the Voice of America News website published a piece in honor of Jane Addams's 150th birthday, based on an interview with Louise W. Knight. The article is here.

On August 27th, the Chicago Tribune published an article about Addams and Hull House on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Addams's birth. It is here.

On June 12, 2010 Louise W. Knight was interviewed at the Printers Row Bookfair by C-Span BookTV. Watch now >

Knight on Addams

Louise W. Knight's essay on Jane Addams's 150th birthday (September 6, 2010), which was featured on Fox News, is here.